Chef Patricia Aquino

Patricia Aquino

I am Patricia Aquino, Peruvian by birth. I have lived in London for more than 4 years. My passion with cooking starts at a very young age, when I helped my mother cook. She had a seafood restaurant, which together with my dad they managed and ran. This is how I grew up among pots, pans, smells and flavours.

When I was older, I studied the career of professional chef, which is my passion and at the same time, business administration. All this came together so that later, it could start with a company dedicated to serving lunches by delivery to the large offices in the city of Lima.

But the time came to move on, where I move to live in London. Here I worked in some restaurant kitchens inspired by Peruvian cuisine. But I felt that, although they offer extraordinary products, they did not fulfil me from my point of view as a Peruvian.

That is why I have now taken the initiative to offer authentically Peruvian dishes, where people in London can taste the dishes just as they would if they travelled 10,000 km to Peru.